The 1 Hour Test


One option for playing live is to simply play one long improvisation so we wanted to see what would happen if we tried improvising for one hour solid. The resulting recording is presented with virtually no editing:

1 hour test
(Note the flash player doesn’t handle this big file very well so this post uses on older audio player!)

In conclusion we felt that it is a lot to ask an audiance to concentate on one long piece (and its a pretty intense experience for us) so we will probably split a gig up into more manageable chunks!



Too tired to sit around and chat we just started to play and had this recorded, mixed down and on the web site in under two hours!


Bicycle Powered Madness


The first public performance organised by The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema. We put on a 20 minute performance. Live loops made by thrashing a bike with some drum sticks, followed by some live guitar and a it of audience participation. We mixed down the loops in the studio into this…

Studio version

Update : George from the Cycle Cinema made some recordings of the gig including a live recording of our performance.

Live version



Paul says its about the note A and harmonic thirds and fourths.




Psychedelic guitar experiment using Pauls new toy – ‘Guitar Rig’.

Now we are two


After Tim left the band we realised that we couldn’t perform the old material. This meant that we were free to experiment with different ways of working. We started playing with Ableton Live on a laptop. We soon discovered we could build up tracks much faster, almost in real time. The following tracks are edited versions of tracks which were recorded in one take.

The artwork is another old kozyndan CD cover.





Demo 2 – April 2004


At this point we had out live set more or less ready to go. Shortly after we got the demo together Tim left the band so we never got to play most of this material out!

The artwork is care of, who did sell blank CDRs preprinted with some rather cool artwork (they seem to have closed shop now but you can still find some of the artwork at

Tracks :



Can’t do it


Ain’t Nothing

DAC Installation 2001


The DAC installation was an all day event in June 2001 in the Cambridge Museum of Technology featuring installations and music. The following tracks were written for an installation I built using small speakers playing down large cardboard tubes. The tunes were mixed to sound good on the tubes but the final mix actually sounds pretty good on more conventional speakers.





We did a performance i the evening with me doing a live mix of this material while Paul and Tim played Bass & guitar.

First demo


This was our first demo from 1999 when we were still called MKUltra. This demo got us a place in the Cambridge Band Competition and a chance to perform at ‘The Junction’, Cambridge in front of a packed audience. The crowd liked us and we even got some record company interest!



Love Me

Liberty Ships

Stanley (old version)