The first post in a long time. Boing is a track which doesn’t contain anything that sounds like a boing.


The picture above shows the sticker that inspired our name. As William Burroughs said “were all here to go into space”.


Spooky & Oodles

The background sound in Spooky was created by running a single drum sound through one of Micheal Norris’ rather wonderful and free Sound Spectral Plugins. The flute sound comes from a strange bendy flute that Paul bought in Berlin. The picture was taken through my kitchen window just might have captured a ghost.


Oodles is another guitar loop based track.

James’s Party

Another party gig. This one was held ‘Source’ in Cambridge. Paul couldn’t make it so I decided to try a solo techno set. This was basically the ‘dance set’ we have been working on over the last year minus the live guitar.

Compare it with the version we performed at Jane’s Party.

Jane’s Party

A party in St Pauls, a church with great acoustics.  We created a new dance set especially for the occasion.

New Demo

No its not the monolith from 2001, its the new Delta Family Demo!

The artwork on the front cover is a modified picture of the surface of a Henry Moore sculpture. Inside the cover we’ve included a picture taken inside the lighthouse on Dungeness beach. The lighthouse created a safe channel by sending out two beams of light, one red and one green. Sailors could navigate down the channel by keeping both lights in sight.
The tracks we’ve chosen for this demo are:





If you’d like a copy of the CD please get in touch.

A song for Ouch


This is a commissioned track. Ouch is a goldfish that lives in a Zen-inspired bowl near Basel, Switzerland. Ouch’s owner is an artist, specialising in abstract works.

‘A song for Ouch’ consists solely of layers of treated electric bass. We feel it has something of an African lilt.

We are open to consider other commissions. If you would like to email us we will consider the quirkiest requests and post the results here.

Song for Ouch



A dark brooding piece which started as a minimal techno track and morphed into a gritty urban ambient sound scape.


The 1 Hour Test


One option for playing live is to simply play one long improvisation so we wanted to see what would happen if we tried improvising for one hour solid. The resulting recording is presented with virtually no editing:

1 hour test
(Note the flash player doesn’t handle this big file very well so this post uses on older audio player!)

In conclusion we felt that it is a lot to ask an audiance to concentate on one long piece (and its a pretty intense experience for us) so we will probably split a gig up into more manageable chunks!