Reverse Karaoke

Reverse Karaoke

We visited Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether Reverse Karaoke yurt at the ‘Be Glad for the song has no end’, the Wysing Arts music festival and recorded this:

Reverse Karaoke

The line up was Nick Evans on drums, Paul Herrington on guitar and Oscar Evans on bass. Art work by Jacob Evans.

Reworks Makers Fair

We thought the Makers Fair at Reworks would be a good place to place to show the Oscillators and do a short performance. The local paper ‘The Cambridge News’ reported that ‘Live Music was provided throughout the day by the Delta Family’ despite the fact that we only played for about 20 Minutes. Result!

The video was made by Rob Kemp. Cheers Rob. You can see a small part of our performance from about 4.30 mins.

James’s Party

Another party gig. This one was held ‘Source’ in Cambridge. Paul couldn’t make it so I decided to try a solo techno set. This was basically the ‘dance set’ we have been working on over the last year minus the live guitar.

Compare it with the version we performed at Jane’s Party.

Jane’s Party

A party in St Pauls, a church with great acoustics.  We created a new dance set especially for the occasion.

Bicycle Powered Madness


The first public performance organised by The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema. We put on a 20 minute performance. Live loops made by thrashing a bike with some drum sticks, followed by some live guitar and a it of audience participation. We mixed down the loops in the studio into this…

Studio version

Update : George from the Cycle Cinema made some recordings of the gig including a live recording of our performance.

Live version

DAC Installation 2001


The DAC installation was an all day event in June 2001 in the Cambridge Museum of Technology featuring installations and music. The following tracks were written for an installation I built using small speakers playing down large cardboard tubes. The tunes were mixed to sound good on the tubes but the final mix actually sounds pretty good on more conventional speakers.





We did a performance i the evening with me doing a live mix of this material while Paul and Tim played Bass & guitar.